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We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.

A message from our Founder

The Women in Exhibitions (WiE) Network was officially launched in 2018 with the aim of supporting the continued professional development of women working in exhibitions and providing opportunities for them to meet and network. As the initiator and founder of this community I feel proud of what we have achieved this far.

Expanding the WIE Network energizes me: through our different chapters across the globe we are increasing our reach and building our global community. In this way, we can help women better respond to the regional and cultural challenges they are facing. Together.

We are here to serve the needs of women in the exhibition industry and help them face the challenges they encounter. We have regular events (online and in person), our WiE Academy, our mentorship programme, regular features in the media and through speaking opportunities at industry events. The younger generation in our industry is particularly eager to learn and gain experience whilst fostering their career development.

Too many highly qualified women leave the exhibition industry to seek careers elsewhere. At WiE, we provide a helping hand for the next generations of women leaders to help them achieve their career goals within the industry, hence ensuring more gender diversity at senior level. Through our regional chapters, our founding partners can easily respond to regional issues which we can then address in our programmes.

I hope that you too will feel inspired to join our community and help us to build the WIE network.

Oana Cipca

Our Mission

We empower women in the exhibition industry and help nurture the next generation of female leaders

Why WiE is important…

Companies spend a fortune on recruitment and employee engagement programmes yet struggle to attract new talent and keep their best people.

“To create more inclusive and supportive workplaces for women that address the challenges they’re currently facing, employers need to do more internally to build environments where women can thrive, especially in today’s remote and hybrid work setups. This starts by better understanding workers’ motivations and adjusting talent retention and recruitment strategies accordingly.” (Forbes)

  • Network with the best in our industry
  • Discover opportunities with peers
  • Train and develop your competencies through our Academy
  • Share your knowledge and best practices
  • Benefit from our mentoring opportunities
  • Explore your potential and boost your career
  • Learn from others in the network
  • Participate in our live and online events!


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