Juliane Jähnke

Juliane Jähnke

Owner Agendum Schmitt & Jaehnke Partners

Juliane Jähnke is the founder of agendum Schmitt & Jaehnke Partners that have a hands on consulting approach. The company offers strategy support for exhibition organizers – for whole portfolios or single shows, B2C and B2B. Juliane helps to launch new shows and to develop existing shows. And live is nothing without digital instruments and a digital enhancement. The team combines strategical work with a very deep understanding of project workflows and instruments. Therefore their consulting has always a hands-on approach.


Juliane was right from the start one of the Founding members of the Women in Exhibitions Network (International) and later fully dedicated her time to the Women in Exhibitions Network in the DACH area with a track record of events organised for the chapter in Germany.


Juliane is one of those strong women behind this network we are so very proud to work with.

Juliane Jähnke

"As I grew up in Eastern Germany, therefore children dreams were a bit different. If you wanted to attend high school, you had much bigger chances to get a place (independently from your performance!) if you wanted to become e.g. a teacher. Therefore I wanted to become a Geography teacher."

Juliane Jähnke
Owner at Agendum Schmitt & Jaehnke Partners

What is your favorite 90's song? 

In 1987, as a birthday present for the youth organization in the GDR, I saw the one and only concert of Depeche Mode in Berlin. I became a big fan.

If you could invite anyone to present with you on stage who would it be? 

Maja Goepel, a German scientist with a great vision and the founder of Scientists for Future.

Imagine you are famous, who would you be?

It is hard to imagine that, must be a result of my childhood.

Who inspired you the most in your life and how? 

All those, who find their own way to have a positive impact on others life.