Silvia Forroova

Silvia Forroova

Global Brand & Event Specialist and Leader, Mentor Informa Plc.

Silvia has an extensive global brand and event leadership experience, and contributed to the success of multiple large-scale trade shows and conferences in various industry sectors within UBM (now Informa), ITE Group (now Hyve) and Informa Plc. throughout the past 15+ years. She contributed to and produced events such as MosBuild in Russia for the construction industry, Pharmapack Paris supplying the sector of pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery devices, and the CPHI portfolio of global events & conferences.


During this time, Silvia has successfully driven awareness, growth and brand retention, generated revenue through creative marketing programs, launched features and various customer events, and encouraged and instilled focus on sustainability initiatives throughout global portfolios.


Silvia’s skills include strategy, leadership, partnerships, sustainability development, event planning, operational excellence, product management and mentoring/coaching. She is an avid reader of non-fiction books, a walker and psychology enthusiast. She lives in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and holds a Masters Degree from Comenius University.

Silvia Forroova
Silvia Forroova
Global Brand & Event Specialist and Leader, Mentor at Informa Plc.

What was your favorite 90's song?

Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquai

If you could invite anyone to present with you on stage who would it be?

Jay Shetty.

Imagine you are famous, who would you be?

Michelle Obama

Who inspired you the most in your life and how?

It would be hard to put one name to it, however life stories of humane leaders, scientist, artists, entrepreneurs kept me curious and guided me to hold to my values, enable, empower others, and keep searching for things that energise my endeavours.