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creative team

creative team

Published on 16 May 2020

Last couple of weeks we joined forces together with EMOTIONstudios and designed the new website and branding for our community of women in exhibitions. Right from the start of our cooperation, it was clear that this independent agency is very much special in comparison with other providers in the market, namely, they actually do get the job done. Founded in 2008 in Transylvania (or better known as the home of the famous Dracula in Romania), the company delivers beautiful, reliable and useful web platforms for events, conventions & trade shows.

Our EMOTIONstudios contacts Gelu and Mihai were so much interested in creating viable solutions for our community that they simply could not stop working until the job was done. Besides being such experts in web developing, they most importantly, delved into our customers and took an advisory role during the process that really made the difference. Rather than explaining what we wanted to do, it was a conversation about who we wanted to serve and that is visible in the result we managed to create together. They helped us digitally transform the way we work while keeping the flexibility to easily maintain this website.

We are proud with this cooperation and the result is mind blowing! Great companies deserve great references, and we definitely advise this company: www.emotionstudios.net. We feel we can count on a great team backstage making sure everything works perfectly for us at front stage. Thank you EMOTIONstudios team!

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